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Book your meeting room or office for as long as you want klammer workspaces pamplona navarra

Reserve your meeting room or office for as long as you want

The versatility of Klammer workspaces consists in giving you what you need, when you need it. And that is what our hourly room and office reservation service consists of..

the future of flexible offices centers on people. Klammer-Pamplona-Navarre

Flexible offices are becoming more people-centric

The end of the year implies balances that invite us to reflect on our sector and propose new opportunities for the following year. The report […]


digital business: all the spaces and technology for professional work in the cloud

Klammer's Smart Workspaces concept seeks to offer digital nomads, start-ups and other online businesses, work and meeting spaces to meet your needs.

eu is the smart workspace klammer pamplona navarra

What is Smart Workspace?

Enter the workspace, prepare the desk, turn on the computer and start the working day. This is the daily life of Klammer Workspaces clients.

A new deal for a new concept of workspaces

In the city center of Pamplona, a new strategic location in an upscale office building, an inspiring space with flexible office solutions […]