15 June 2015
 June 15, 2015
Klammer Business Centers 25 years

Klammer Business Centers opened its doors for the first time in June 1990, ago 25 years.

In those days, Madonna revolutionizing their Vogue, and he Nothing Compares 2U of Sinead O’Connor, The Last in Line and Radio Futura They are ringing in our brand new CD. Dances with Wolves He triumphed at the Oscars, and they premiered films as Eduardo Manostijeras, Pretty Woman O One of the ours. Football League the Real Madrid wins with Butragueño. In Berlin, the mythical dismantled Checkpoint Charlie, and the unification of Germany occurs.

And in that year, we think that something as innovative as a business center was needed in Pamplona. Facilities that have a strong service component, center where users could focus on their work, letting us ocupásemos of facilities and maintenance, Telephone care management and documentation. Also, with the possibility of having access to advanced equipment then, such as fax, telex or photocopier and pay only for their use. Enable entrepreneurs could have a fully staffed business address without renting an office permanently if not needed.

Today, in June 2015, in Klammer Business Centers continue to pioneer ways of working. The technologies have radically changed the ways of working, and many companies and professionals who have chosen to stay at Klammer Business Centers, confirming the validity of the formula with which we were born: become the cornerstone of the development of our clients, supporting them in their day to day with our services. Our thanks to all customers, Providers, colleagues and friends who have supported us during these 25 years.

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