19 May 2015
 May 19, 2015

Reinforce your brand with a good attention to phone

Some things to consider before a phone call to move a positive and professional image to your clients yours.

reply fast. Do not let your phone ring and ring. To your customer you will not like it takes you to take your call, You will not like it you reject or ignore your call, nor will like that deviate voicemail, for him, in that moment, it is important to contact your company.

Drop what you're doing and dedicate your time to answer the call of your customer. Ponte available, Give your full attention and time, it is paramount to what he wants to move you at that time. If you called it is because it is important to communicate what you want your company.

Foresees who can attend and answer your phone when you can not, out of your schedule, Meeting with other customers, vacation, travel, personal issues…. Keep an open channel of communication, adds value to your personal brand with a professional call.

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