29 September 2015
 September 29, 2015

With that simple sentence, summarize everything that current trends working permit. With the data in the cloud, and tablets, smartphones or laptops, We can take your office wherever we want. We can work from home, un café, the hall of a hotel, in a public park ...

But where is located your business? Having no physical contact address can be an obstacle in its customer acquisition or collaborators, and a "bad" management can contribute little to its reputation as a company or professional. And if you use traditional forms of rent and used to working away from the office, it may be customary when someone go without an appointment to pick up a documentation or visit be "with the door in his face". Although many businesses today move in the "virtual" world of Internet, It requires a physical link, an address and a personal contact to support a professional image.

If you do not need an office all hours of the day, there is the possibility of hiring a Virtual Office service or Debit, that will allow your business is located in a prestigious location, easy to find and access. Included in this service will be a full professional reception service and extended hours to meet their visits and contacts, documentations, mails and manage your phone.

Complementing, when required to meet with their contacts and collaborators, You can have service offices and rooms used for single hours, half days and full days. Thus, may hold their meetings in the same location where its activity, contributing to its image is solid, consistent and professional.

In Klammer Business Centers have a wide range of services Virtual Office and debit and services Office By Day and Meeting rooms.

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