Welcome to Klammer Business Centers.

A new way of working and doing business that will always help you in the development of your professional work.

  • We are members of ProWorkSpaces - the Spanish Association of Flexible Office Operators and of the European Association of Workspaces - EWA.
  • Klammer Business Centers was founded in 1990 in Pamplona. Since then we have been working exclusively as flexible office operators for our clients.

Provide them with a space to develop their work.

To achieve this, we have developed a complete service system based on three pillars:

  • A marked vocation for service.
  • Technology adapted to work environments.
  • The great professionalism and experience of our staff.

Solutions in the form of offices and flexible offices.

Solutions that have enabled our growth since 1990, earning the trust of our clients.

  • At your disposal is a team of trained and committed people, who guarantee an effective and practical service. In short, a professional service fully focused on our clients.
  • During these years there are many companies and professionals who have used our services and all of them have found in us professionalism, efficiency, friendliness, support and a perfect ally in whom they can trust, in conclusion: solutions to their specific needs.

Klammer Workspaces
Arcadio María Larraona, 1 – 2ª planta
31008 Pamplona
Telf: +34 948 250 911